Rooms and prices

Mini-hotels without crowded lobbies and with small quantity of stuff are popular among the tourists, who prefer silence and cozy atmosphere. One can find such hotels all around Berlin and Paris. Our hotel would be honored to welcome you in Minsk. 

We guarantee privacy with soft service. 

We offer the guests of Minsk 11 luxury rooms of high European level:5 “Standard” and 6 “Deluxe” rooms.


Classic room – 32 m² – equipped with all necessary things for rest and convenient work. There are 5 “Standard” rooms in our mini-hotel.



Hotel “Gubernski” offers 6 “Deluxe”rooms. These are elegant double rooms. We can offer you “double” accommodation with one king-size bed or “twin” with two beds 1,20 x 2,20 m. All beds are made-to-order for our hotel. We have a possibility to organize extra bed in every room.