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Deluxe sauna

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Sauna-lux “U Fontana” situated in the centre of Minsk welcomes real venerators of good steam and soulful relaxation. In this corner of calmness and comfort in the noisy bustle of a city you can not only relax but also improve your body tone by charging it with cheerfulness for a long time. 

All conditions have been created here for guests to enjoy comfortable leisure and to get great pleasure in a real Russian sauna with a classic wood-burning stone heater. You will learn and feel the pleasure of bath procedures, hot steam and flavored broom, following by cooling with cold water in a barrel. For those who prefer dry steam a Finnish sauna is offered which will charge you with energy and will remove accumulated tiredness. After bath one can cool in a swimming pool where the atmosphere of full relaxation is complimented by backlighting and a hydraulic gun and warm Jacuzzi.      

“That day steamed, in that day becoming not old”. It is not accident the bath is popular with many amateurs. Sauna attendance will give you not only a lot of positive emotions but will remove tension, strengthen immunity, give fresh burst of energy and youth. That is why everyone   leaves sauna in good spirits and being relaxed.

You can go on relaxing in a cosy fireplace room equipped with a music centre, karaoke, satellite TV where you can have good time  and play Russian billiard on a 7-feet table. The hotel complex offers its guests holding birthday parties, small banquets and corporative parties, with ordering cold unbottled beer dishes from the restaurant menu the main peculiarity of which is exclusive recipes of various dishes from sport and show business stars.

There is a free guest parking area at the hotel complex where your car will be under constant control.    

Sauna-lux “U Fontana” is a place where cosiness and comfort are harmonically combined with soul warmth special attitude towards each and every visitor. Feeling such hospitable care and special atmosphere you will certainly come here back once again.

In harmonic and intimate environment you will spend splendid time with your friends and business partners with getting maximum use from pleasant pastime.

Sauna-lux “U Fontana” is a place where each guest is appreciated and welcome with great pleasure! 

Sauna-lux “U Fontana” is situated close to the hotel and we are pleased to arrange your transportation by our vehicles or we can book a taxi for you.

4 Amuratorskaya Street, Minsk, Belarus.
Tel. + 375 17 203-14-00; + 375 17 306-45-31; tel./fax: + 375 17 203-14-74.
Mob. + 375 29 614-82-42.
E-mail: ufontana@bk.ru


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